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A comprehensive assessment of somatic mutation detection in cancer using whole-genome sequencing

Tyler S Alioto, Ivo Buchhalter, Sophia Derdak, Barbara Hutter, Matthew D Eldridge, Eivind Hovig, Lawrence E Heisler, Timothy A Beck, Jared T Simpson, Laurie Tonon, Anne-Sophie Sertier, Ann-Marie Patch, Natalie Jaeger, Philip Ginsbach, Ruben Drews, Nagarajan Paramasivam, Rolf Kabbe, Sasithorn Chotewutmontri, Nicolle Diessl, Christopher Previti Show all

Nature Communications | NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2015

University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by European Commission Framework Programme 7

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Funding Acknowledgements

We thank the DKFZ Genomics and Proteomics Core Facility and the OICR Genome Technologies Platform for provision of sequencing services. Financial support was provided by the consortium projects READNA under grant agreement FP7 Health-F42008-201418, ESGI under grant agreement 262055, GEUVADIS under grant agreement 261123 of the European Commission Framework Programme 7, ICGC-CLL through the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN), the Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII) and the Generalitat de Catalunya. Additional financial support was provided by the PedBrain Tumor Project contributing to the ICGC, funded by German Cancer Aid (109252) and by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF, grants #01KU1201A, MedSys #0315416C and NGFNplus #01GS0883), the BMBF-funded ICGC projects on early-onset prostate cancer and malignant lymphoma (#01KU1001A, #01KU1002B) and via the BMBF-funded de. NBI HD-HuB network (#031A537A, #031A537C); the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research to PCB and JDM through funding provided by the Government of Ontario, Ministry of Research and Innovation; Genome Canada; the Canada Foundation for Innovation and Prostate Cancer Canada with funding from the Movember Foundation (PCB). P.C.B. was also supported by a Terry Fox Research Institute New Investigator Award, a CIHR New Investigator Award and a Genome Canada Large-Scale Applied Project Contract. The Synergie Lyon Cancer platform has received support from the French National Institute of Cancer (INCa) and from the ABS4NGS ANR project (ANR-11-BINF-0001-06). The ICGC RIKEN study was supported partially by RIKEN President's Fund 2011, and the supercomputing resource for the RIKEN study was provided by the Human Genome Center, University of Tokyo. M.D.E., L.B., A.G.L. and C.L.A. were supported by Cancer Research UK, the University of Cambridge and Hutchison-Whampoa Limited. S.D. is supported by the Torres Quevedo subprogramme (MICINN) under grant agreement PTQ-12-05391. E.H. is supported by the Research Council of Norway under grant agreements 221580 and 218241 and by the Norwegian Cancer Society under grant agreement 71220-PR-20060433. We specially thank Jennifer Jennings for administrating the activity of the ICGC Verification Working Group and Anna Borrell for administrative support.