Conference Proceedings

Leadership development in increasingly global and competitive tertiary education environments

T Brown, H DAVIS, I Dobson (ed.), R Sharma (ed.)

Tertiary Education Management Conference, Leading locally competing globally: Refereed Papers | ATEM & TEFMA | Published : 2015


This paper presents findings from a joint research project between Curtin University and the LH Martin Institute to evaluate the first Emerging Leadership and Managers Program (eLAMP) institutional cohort in the sector, which was sponsored by Curtin University. The paper presents discussion about leadership development opportunities in higher education that address the complex, global and competitive funding, student and labour challenges facing universities today. Data collected and analysed from the pre and post eLAMP evaluations by this Curtin cohort in 2014 suggest that participants enhanced their knowledge, skills and abilities across the eLAMP learning outcomes in all four modules of e..

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