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Why don't hospital staff activate the rapid response system (RRS)? How frequently is it needed and can the process be improved?

Stuart D Marshall, Simon Kitto, William Shearer, Stuart J Wilson, Monica A Finnigan, Tamica Sturgess, Tonina Hore, Michael D Buist



BACKGROUND: The rapid response system (RRS) is a process of accessing help for health professionals when a patient under their care becomes severely ill. Recent studies and meta-analyses show a reduction in cardiac arrests by a one-third in hospitals that have introduced a rapid response team, although the effect on overall hospital mortality is less clear. It has been suggested that the difficulty in establishing the benefit of the RRS has been due to implementation difficulties and a reluctance of clinical staff to call for additional help. This assertion is supported by the observation that patients continue to have poor outcomes in our institution despite an established RRS being availab..

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