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Clonidine inhibits anti-non-Gal IgM xenoantibody elicited in multiple pig-to-primate models

John M Stewart, Alice F Tarantal, Wayne J Hawthorne, Evelyn J Salvaris, Philip J O'Connell, Mark B Nottle, Anthony JF d'Apice, Peter J Cowan, Mary Kearns-Jonker



BACKGROUND: Survival of vascularized xenografts is dependent on pre-emptive inhibition of the xenoantibody response against galactosyltransferase knockout (GTKO) porcine organs. Our analysis in multiple GTKO pig-to-primate models of xenotransplantation has demonstrated that the anti-non-gal-α-1,3-gal (anti-non-Gal) xenoantibody response displays limited structural diversity. This allowed our group to identify an experimental compound which selectively inhibited induced anti-non-Gal IgM xenoantibodies. However, because this compound had an unknown safety profile, we extended this line of research to include screening small molecules with known safety profiles allowing rapid advancement to lar..

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