Conference Proceedings

Flame interaction identification in turbulent premixed flames

D Brouzet, A Haghiri, T Kulkarni, M TALEI, MJ Brear, ER Hawkes, Y Yang (ed.), N Smith (ed.)

Proceedings of the Australian Combustion Symposium | The Combustion Institute Australia & New Zealand Section | Published : 2015


An efficient formulation of the method of Griffiths et al. [1] is used to identify premixed flame interactions. This method identifies flame interactions by finding critical points in the progress variable field, and is applied to a DNS dataset featuring sound generation by a premixed jet flame. The results show that different types of flame interaction events occur, including tunnel formation, tunnel closure and pocket burn-out. A large number of these events occur close to the flame tip. The developed method, optimised for parallel processing, will be used to gain a detailed understanding of sound generation in turbulent premixed flames in future studies.