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Tick a box, any box: a case study on the unintended consequences of system misuse in a hospital emergency department

R Lederman, S Kurnia, F Peng, S Dreyfus

Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases | Palgrave Macmillan: 18 month embargo | Published : 2015


Long patient waiting periods and a high administrative load plagued the Emergency Department of a major Australian hospital. In response, the department installed a new information system. Technically, the new system worked perfectly. Yet, within 9 months the department suffered a catastrophic loss of patient revenue. The financial disaster led to senior doctors being forced to abandon their medical duties in order to correct complex administrative problems. It triggered a complete review of training, task and role prioritisation. This case study describes a major and costly error resulting from the use of the newly implemented hospital IS. It traces how the error came about, how the hospita..

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