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Evaluation of a new spectral peak coding strategy for the Nucleus 22 Channel Cochlear Implant System.

MW Skinner, GM Clark, LA Whitford, PM Seligman, SJ Staller, DB Shipp, JK Shallop, C Everingham, CM Menapace, PL Arndt

Otology & Neurotology | Published : 1994


Sixty-three postlinguistically deaf adults from four English-speaking countries participated in a 17-week field study of performance with a new speech coding strategy, Spectral Peak (SPEAK), and the most widely used strategy, Multipeak (MPEAK), both of which are implemented on wearable speech processors of the Nucleus 22 Channel Cochlear Implant System; MPEAK is a feature-extraction strategy, whereas SPEAK is a filterbank strategy. Subjects' performance was evaluated with an experimental design in which use of each strategy was reversed and replicated (ABAB). Average scores for speech tests presented sound-only at 70 dB SPL were higher with the SPEAK strategy than with the MPEAK strategy. Fo..

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