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Density-dependent regulation of growth in somatic hybrids between normal Chinese hamster fibroblasts and V79-8 (G1-) cells.

G Marin, D Wynford-Thomas, A Lamontagne, DM Prescott

Exp Cell Res | Published : 1984


The purpose of this work was to determine the relationship between the presence of a G1 period in the mitotic cycle and a cell's ability to respond to density-dependent regulation of growth (DDR). Somatic hybrids were obtained between normal fibroblasts from newborn Chinese hamsters, which show a strong response to DDR, and V79-8 Chinese hamster cells, which are insensitive to DDR. Two variant V79-8 sublines were used, one reported to lack a G1 period (G1-) and the other with a G1 period (G1+). Fourteen hybrid clones were isolated in selective medium and analysed for growth properties and cell cycle parameters; their hybrid nature was supported by chromosome counts. All hybrid clones, irresp..

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