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The role of p53 in growth of mouse fibroblast lines.

D Wynford-Thomas, A LaMontagne, G Marin, DM Prescott

Exp Cell Res | Published : 1985


To examine the hypothesis that p53 protein may play a central role in regulating reproduction of mammalian cells, we compared the absolute amounts and relative rates of synthesis of p53 protein in two pseudonormal cell lines, 3T3 and C3H 10T1/2, during quiescence, during log proliferation, and in quiescent cells stimulated with serum. The absolute amount of p53 protein per cell was found to be severalfold lower in quiescent cells than in log-phase cells. The ratio of the rate of synthesis of p53 protein to the rate of synthesis of total protein was slightly higher in quiescent cells than the same ratio in log-phase cells. Thus, entry into quiescence is not accompanied by a differential switc..

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