Journal article

c-Myb is critical for murine colon development

M Zorbas, C Sicurella, I Bertoncello, D Venter, S Ellis, ML Mucenski, RG Ramsay

ONCOGENE | STOCKTON PRESS | Published : 1999


The mammalian colon develops from a simple tube of undifferentiated cells into a complex, highly ordered organ, with a continuously self-renewing epithelial layer. We have previously described c-Myb expression in the epithelia of murine and human colon crypts and documented increased expression in colorectal adenocarcinoma cells. To investigate the role of c-Myb in colonic epithelium development, we have used embryos with a disrupted c-myb gene. Prior to the in utero death of these embryos at E15, we excised colon tissue and transplanted it under the kidney capsule of recipient mice to allow further development and cyto-differentiation. Compared to the colons of wildtype and heterozygous lit..

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