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Incidental prostate cancer in transurethral resection of prostate specimens in men aged up to 65 years

Marlon Perera, Nathan Lawrentschuk, Nayomi Perera, Damien Bolton, David Clouston



BACKGROUND: The identification of prostate cancer (PC) is important in men aged ≤ 65 years. We examined complete transurethral resection of prostate (TURP) specimens to quantify the incidence and nature of PC in men aged ≤ 65 years. METHODS: A prospective multi-institutional database included TURP specimens. The cohort was stratified into two groups according to age. For men aged ≤ 65 years, the entire specimen was submitted for histological analysis, while the TURP specimens from men aged > 65 years were sampled following standard guidelines. RESULTS: A total of 923 men were included, with 224 in the younger group. PC was identified in 13.4% in men aged ≤ 65 years, compared with 28.7% the o..

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