Journal article

An updated molecular phylogeny of Polygonoideae (Polygonaceae): Relationships of Oxygonum, Pteroxygonum, and Rumex, and a new circumscription of Koenigia

Tanja M Schuster, James L Reveal, Michael J Bayly, Kathleen A Kron

Taxon | INT ASSOC PLANT TAXONOMY-IAPT | Published : 2015

University of Melbourne Researchers


Funding Acknowledgements

TMS is grateful to Mary Barkworth (UTC) for her generous support during field and herbarium work in the western United States. Mitch Power and his staff at the Natural History Museum of Utah are thanked for graciously facilitating a visit to the Garrett Herbarium (UT) during a difficult time when a staff member had recently passed away. We are grateful to Lu Lu (Kunming Inst. Bot.) for checking specimens of Fallopia denticulata for extrafloral nectaries at Kunming Herbarium (KUN). Laurent Gautier and his staff at Herbarium Genavense (G) are thanked for imaging the specimen that became the lectotype of Rumex hypogaeus. We appreciate Katie Kron collecting Oxygonum sinuatum in Uganda, and Craig Moretz (Forsyth Technical CC) and Gerald Smith (Highpoint U) are thanked for memorable botanising trips throughout North Carolina. Heather Merrylees (U Melbourne) is thanked for generating SEM images of Polygonaceae pollen. We are grateful to Kanchi N. Gandhi (HUH), Werner Greuter (BGBM), John McNeill (RBG Edinburgh), and Neville Walsh (MEL) for their help with taxonomic questions and two anonymous reviewers, who helped to improve the manuscript. We thank Joanne Birch (MEL), Sabrina Setaro (Wake Forest U), Val Stajsic (MEL), and Karen Wilson (NSW) for discussions about this work. This study would not have been possible without the following herbaria allowing us to sample specimens for DNA extraction: MEL, MO, UT, and UTC. This work was supported in part by the Pauline Ladiges Research Fellowship funded by The University of Melbourne School of Botany Foundation, The Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, and the Cybec Foundation. Finally, the remaining co-authors would like to express our gratitude towards Jim Reveal, who sadly passed away during the last stages of manuscript preparation. Jim was a great collaborator, and his expertise and humour are greatly missed.