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Effect of muscles activation on head-neck complex under simulated ejection

EC Teo, QH Zhang, KW Tan, VS Lee

Journal of Musculoskeletal Research | Published : 2004


A detailed three-dimensional head-neck (C0–C7) finite element (FE) model developed based on the actual geometry of an embalmed human cadaver specimen was exercised to dictate the motions of the cervical spine under dynamic loadings. The predicted results analyzed under vertex drop impact were compared against experimental study to validate the FE model. The validated C0–C7 FE model was then further analyzed to investigate the response of the whole head-neck complex under 10G-ejection condition. From the simulation of ejection process, obvious hyper-flexion of the head-neck complex could be found. The peak flexion angles of all the lower motion segments were beyond physiological tolerance ind..

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