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Crystallinity as a Non-Destructive Indicator of Wood Hardness at Standing Trees

Ratih Damayanti, Jugo Ilic, Barbara Ozarska, Gustan Pari, Peter Vinden

Applied Mechanics and Materials | Trans Tech Publications, Ltd.


Wood hardness is an important property for flooring, furniture products and structural utilization. Currently wood hardness can only be measured using destructive testing. As there is no suitable method for predicting wood hardness from standing trees, developing a non-destructive technique to predict wood hardness from plantations trees would provide significant benefits for evaluating optimal silvicultural treatments, and for selecting trees for tree improvement programs. It is proposed initillay that a possible non-destructive test may be developed using „crystallinity“ characteristics (degree of crystallinity (DC), crystalite width (CW) and length (CL) and microfibril angle (MFA)) determ..

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