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The effect of glucocorticoids on proliferation of human cultured airway smooth muscle

AG Stewart, D Fernandes, PR Tomlinson

British Journal of Pharmacology | WILEY | Published : 1995


1. Airway smooth muscle proliferation is a significant component of the airway wall remodelling that occurs in asthma. In this study, the effects of glucocorticoids on mitogenic responses of human airway smooth muscle have been examined. 2. Pretreatment of smooth muscle cells with dexamethasone (100 nM, 60 min) inhibited thrombin-induced increases in [3H]-thymidine incorporation (DNA synthesis) and cell number. 3. Inhibition of thrombin-induced [3H]-thymidine incorporation was also observed with hydrocortisone (0.01-1 microM) and methylprednisolone (0.001-0.1 microM) pretreatment. In contrast, pretreatment with either testosterone (0.001-1 microM) progesterone (0.001-1 microM), 17 beta-oestr..

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