Journal article

A Decomposition-Based Algorithm for the Scheduling of Open-Pit Networks over Multiple Time Periods

M Blom, A Pearce, P Stuckey

Management Science | INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences) | Published : 2016


We consider the multiple-time-period, short-term production scheduling problem for a network of multiple open-pit mines and ports. Ore produced at each mine, in each period, is transported by rail to a set of ports and blended into products for shipping. Each port forms these blends to a specification, as stipulated in contracts with downstream customers. This problem belongs to a class of multiple producer/consumer scheduling problems in which producers are able to generate a range of products, a combination of which are required by consumers to meet specified demands. In practice, short-term schedules are formed independently at each mine, tasked with achieving a grade and quality target o..

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