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Lipidomic and metabolomic characterization of a genetically modified mouse model of the early stages of human type 1 diabetes pathogenesis

AJ Overgaard, JM Weir, DP De Souza, D Tull, C Haase, PJ Meikle, F Pociot

Metabolomics | Springer Verlag | Published : 2016


© 2015, The Author(s). The early mechanisms regulating progression towards beta cell failure in type 1 diabetes (T1D) are poorly understood, but it is generally acknowledged that genetic and environmental components are involved. The metabolomic phenotype is sensitive to minor variations in both, and accordingly reflects changes that may lead to the development of T1D. We used two different extraction methods in combination with both liquid- and gas chromatographic techniques coupled to mass spectrometry to profile the metabolites in a transgenic non-diabetes prone C57BL/6 mouse expressing CD154 under the control of the rat insulin promoter (RIP) crossed into the immuno-deficient recombinati..

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Awarded by Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Awarded by Danish research council

Funding Acknowledgements

This study was funded by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Grant No: 1-PNF-2014-34-A-N and the Danish research council Grant No: 0602-02334B. PJM is supported by a senior research fellowship from the National Health & Medical Research Council of Australia and by the OIS Program of the Victorian Government, Australia.