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Solstice LAMP

M young, M Tomitsch, O Bown, L Hespanhol

Vivid | Published : 2013


Large-scale interactive sound and light interactive installation on AMP building façade for Vivid Sydney 23 May – 11 June, 2013. Abstract/Research Statement A group of collaborators (Miriama Young, Martin Tomitsch, Oliver Bown, and Luke Hespanhol) from Design Lab, Faculty of Architecture, University of Sydney) were commissioned by Vivid Sydney and AMP ($80, 000) to produce a public INSTALLATION for Vivid Sydney 2013. The installation was housed in the AMP forecourt at Circular Quay. During Vivid Sydney, visitors to the AMP forecourt at Circular Quay was bathed in blue light and immersive sound that responds interactively to the speed of their movement. Their unique sonic and visual creat..

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