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Primary glomerulonephritis and pregnancy.

DK Packham, RA North, KF Fairley, M Kloss, JA Whitworth, P Kincaid-Smith

Q J Med | Published : 1989


Three hundred and ninety-five pregnancies undertaken by 238 women with primary glomerulonephritis between 1962 and 1987 were analysed to record fetal and maternal outcome and identify risk factors for a poor outcome. Of 398 fetuses, 26 per cent were lost (including therapeutic abortions), 24 per cent surviving infants were premature (less than or equal to 36 weeks gestation) and 51 per cent were term. Excluding therapeutic abortions, 20 per cent of fetuses were lost, 15 per cent after 20 weeks gestation. Fifteen per cent of 237 fetuses whose birth weight was recorded were small for gestational age: Deterioration in maternal renal function was seen in 15 per cent of pregnancies and in 5 per c..

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