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The Interplay between Timeliness and Scalability in Cloud Monitoring Systems

GC Rodrigues, R CALHEIROS, MB Carvalho, CRP Santos, LZ Granville, L Tarouco, R Buyya

Proceedings / IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications ; sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Simulation, the IEEE Communication Society in cooperation with ... [et al.]. IEEE Symposium on Computers and Co... | IEEE | Published : 2015


Cloud computing is a groundbreaking solution to acquire computational resources on demand. To deliver high quality cloud services and provide features such as reduced costs and availability to customers, a cloud, like any other computational system, needs to be properly managed in accordance with its characteristics (e.g., scalability, elasticity, timeliness). In this scenario, cloud monitoring is a key to achieve it. To properly work, cloud monitoring systems need to meet several requirements such as scalability, accuracy, and timeliness. This paper aims to unveil the trade-off between timeliness and scalability. Evaluations demonstrate the mutual influence between scalability and timelines..

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