Journal article

New linked data on research investments: Scientific workforce, productivity, and public value

Julia I Lane, Jason Owen-Smith, Rebecca F Rosen, Bruce A Weinberg



Awarded by NSF SciSP Awards

Awarded by NSF Education and Human Resources Award

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Funding Acknowledgements

This research was supported by NSF SciSP Awards 1064220 and 1262447; NSF Education and Human Resources Award 1348691; NSF NCSES award 1423706; NIH P01AG039347; the US Census Bureau, and the Ewing Marion Kaufman and Alfred P. Sloan Foundations. Data were generously provided by the Committee on Institutional Cooperation and its member institutions. We thank Wei Cheng, Cameron Conrad, Russ Funk, Christina Jones, Felix Kabo, Evgeny Klochikhin, Yulia Muzyrya, Joe Staudt and Michelle Yin for research support, Greg Carr, Marietta Harrison, David Mayo, Mark Sweet and Stephanie Willis for help with data issues, and Barb McFadden Allen, Jay Walsh, Roy Weiss and Carol Whitacre for their overarching support. The research agenda draws on work with many coauthors, but particularly work with Paula Stephan, Jacques Mairesse, and Michele Pezzoni.