Journal article

Relationship between muscle antioxidant status, forms of iron, polyunsaturated fatty acids and functionality (retail colour) of meat in lambs

Eric N Ponnampalam, Kym L Butler, Matthew B McDonagh, Joe L Jacobs, David L Hopkins

Meat Science | ELSEVIER SCI LTD | Published : 2012


Funding Acknowledgements

The muscle samples for this study was collected from a project jointly funded by the Australian Sheep Industry CRC and the Department of Primary Industries, Victoria, Australia. The financial support for the measurement of colour in meat and analysis of vitamin E (alpha-tochopherol) and forms of iron content in meat was provided by the Department of Primary Industries, Victoria (Project - Novel High Value Lamb). The authors would like to thank Matthew Kerr and Athala Natarampatta for the support with slaughter, muscle sample collection and colour measurement, and Tim Plozza and George Croatto for the assistance in laboratory analysis.