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Effect of feeding pasture-finished cattle different conserved forages on Escherichia coli in the rumen and faeces

LH Jacobson, TA Nagle, NG Gregory, RG Bell, G Le Roux, JM Haines

Meat Science | ELSEVIER SCI LTD | Published : 2002


The effects of eight different pre-slaughter diets on gut microflora, pH and dry matter were evaluated in 112 slaughter-weight, pasture-finished heifers. Hide dirtiness at slaughter, plasma cortisol, meat pH and stickiness, and liveweight loss, were also examined. The pre-slaughter diets were: 48 h of 100% meadow hay, lucerne hay, red clover hay, perennial ryegrass hay, haylage, haylage supplemented with maize silage, pasture, or 24 h fasting before transport. Fasted animals had the highest counts of rumen Escherichia coli and Enterobacteria compared to other treatments (P<0.001), while red clover hay and haylage had the lowest (P<0.05). Faecal E. coli counts were also highest for fasted ani..

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