Journal article

Using the MCF10A/MCF10CA1a Breast Cancer Progression Cell Line Model to Investigate the Effect of Active, Mutant Forms of EGFR in Breast Cancer Development and Treatment Using Gefitinib

Darrell C Bessette, Erik Tilch, Tatjana Seidens, Michael CJ Quinn, Adrian P Wiegmans, Wei Shi, Sibylle Cocciardi, Amy McCart-Reed, Jodi M Saunus, Peter T Simpson, Sean M Grimmond, Sunil R Lakhani, Kum Kum Khanna, Nic Waddell, Fares Al-Ejeh, Georgia Chenevix-Trench


University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Council Australia

Funding Acknowledgements

This work was funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council Australia (Programme Grant No. 1017028). In addition, APW and PTS are funded by fellowships from the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Australia; GCT is a Senior Principal Research Fellow of the NHMRC. ET was supported by the Max Weber-Programm des Freistaates Bayern zur Hochbegabtenforderung nach dem Bayerischen Eliteforderungsgesetz of the State of Bavaria and a grant from the Deans' Office of the faculty for chemistry and pharmacy of the Ludwig-Maximilians University.