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PRMT2 and ROR gamma Expression Are Associated With Breast Cancer Survival Outcomes

Tae Gyu Oh, Peter Bailey, Eloise Dray, Aaron G Smith, Joel Goode, Natalie Eriksson, John W Funder, Peter J Fuller, Evan R Simpson, Wayne D Tilley, Peter J Leedman, Christine L Clarke, Sean Grimmond, Dennis H Dowhan, George EO Muscat



Protein arginine methyltransferases (PRMTs) methylate arginine residues on histones and target transcription factors that play critical roles in many cellular processes, including gene transcription, mRNA splicing, proliferation, and differentiation. Recent studies have linked PRMT-dependent epigenetic marks and modifications to carcinogenesis and metastasis in cancer. However, the role of PRMT2-dependent signaling in breast cancer remains obscure. We demonstrate PRMT2 mRNA expression was significantly decreased in breast cancer relative to normal breast. Gene expression profiling, Ingenuity and protein-protein interaction network analysis after PRMT2-short interfering RNA transfection into ..

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