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Novel genes regulated by Sonic Hedgehog in pluripotent mesenchymal cells

WJ Ingram, CA Wicking, SM Grimmond, AR Forrest, BJ Wainwright



Sonic Hedgehog is a secreted morphogen involved in patterning a wide range of structures in the developing embryo. Disruption of the Hedgehog signalling cascade leads to a number of developmental disorders and plays a key role in the formation of a range of human cancers. The identification of genes regulated by Hedgehog is crucial to understanding how disruption of this pathway leads to neoplastic transformation. We have used a Sonic Hedgehog (Shh) responsive mouse cell line, C3H/10T1/2, to provide a model system for hedgehog target gene discovery. Following activation of cell cultures with Shh, RNA was used to interrogate microarrays to investigate downstream transcriptional consequences o..

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