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Genome-wide analysis of mammalian promoter architecture and evolution

Piero Carninci, Albin Sandelin, Boris Lenhard, Shintaro Katayama, Kazuro Shimokawa, Jasmina Ponjavic, Colin AM Semple, Martin S Taylor, Par G Engstrom, Martin C Frith, Alistair RR Forrest, Wynand B Alkema, Sin Lam Tan, Charles Plessy, Rimantas Kodzius, Timothy Ravasi, Takeya Kasukawa, Shiro Fukuda, Mutsumi Kanamori-Katayama, Yayoi Kitazume Show all



Mammalian promoters can be separated into two classes, conserved TATA box-enriched promoters, which initiate at a well-defined site, and more plastic, broad and evolvable CpG-rich promoters. We have sequenced tags corresponding to several hundred thousand transcription start sites (TSSs) in the mouse and human genomes, allowing precise analysis of the sequence architecture and evolution of distinct promoter classes. Different tissues and families of genes differentially use distinct types of promoters. Our tagging methods allow quantitative analysis of promoter usage in different tissues and show that differentially regulated alternative TSSs are a common feature in protein-coding genes and ..

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