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A workflow to increase verification rate of chromosomal structural rearrangements using high-throughput next-generation sequencing

Kelly Quek, Katia Nones, Ann-Marie Patch, J Lynn Fink, Felicity Newell, Nicole Cloonan, David Miller, Muhammad ZH Fadlullah, Karin Kassahn, Angelika N Christ, Timothy JC Bruxner, Suzanne Manning, Ivon Harliwong, Senel Idrisoglu, Craig Nourse, Ehsan Nourbakhsh, Shivangi Wani, Anita Steptoe, Matthew Anderson, Oliver Holmes Show all

BioTechniques | FUTURE SCI LTD | Published : 2014

University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (NHMRC)

Awarded by Cancer ouncil NSW

Awarded by Cancer Institute NSW

Awarded by Cancer Research UK

Funding Acknowledgements

We would like to thank D. Gwynne for central coordination at the Queensland Centre for Medical Genomics. We wish to thank all of the APGI members as well as patients who contribute to APGI. This research has been supported by the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (NHMRC: 631701, 535903, 427601, APP1047334); Australian Government: Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research (DIISR); Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF); Queensland Government (NI-RAP); University of Queensland; Cancer ouncil NSW: (SRP06-01); Cancer Institute NSW: (10/ECF/2-26; 06/EC F/1-24; 09/C D F/2-40; 07/C D F/1-03; 10/CRF/1-01, 08/RSA/1-15, 07/CDF/1-28, 10/CDF/2-26,10/FRL/2-03, 06/RSA/1-05, 09/RIG/1-02, 10/ TPG/1-04, 11/R EG/1-10, 11/CDF/3-26); Garvan Institute of Medical Research; Avner Nahmani Pancreatic Cancer Research Foundation; R.T. Hall Trust; Petre Foundation; Philip Hemstritch Foundation; Gastroenterological Society of Australia (GESA); American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Landon Foundation INNOVATOR Award; Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS); Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP); Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA). S.G. is a recipient of a NHMRC Principal Research Fellowship.