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Bayesian mechanisms and learning for wireless networks security with QoS requirements

AK Chorppath, F Shen, T Alpcan, E Jorswieck, H Boche

2013 National Conference on Communications, NCC 2013 | IEEE | Published : 2015


© 2015 IEEE. When there are strategic and malicious users in a wireless network, the resource allocation is complicated due to the information limitation about the nature of users and network parameters. Bayesian games are appropriate tools to analyze the network resource allocation with heterogeneous users. We consider a scenario with arbitrary number of malicious users in the network, in which individual users gather probabilistic information about the density of malicious users. Users and the base station observe the network over a long time period and modify their actions accordingly. The power allocation in wireless networks which we consider in this paper, is subject to Quality of Serv..

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