Thesis / Dissertation

Amniotic fluid cell-free RNA: A novel source of information about human development

L HUI, J Morris (ed.), DW Bianchi (ed.)

Published : 2013


Amniotic fluid (AF) is a complex, dynamic solution that surrounds the fetus and contains cell-free fetal (cff) RNA. Study aims The overall objective of this thesis was to investigate AF cff RNA as a source of fetal gene expression information in normal and abnormal pregnancies. The specific aims were: • To develop an understanding of the mid-trimester AF transcriptome, including the putative tissues sources and biological functions of AF cell-free RNA • To investigate the changes that occur in AF cff RNA with increasing gestational age • To explore AF cff RNA from aneuploid fetuses for gene expression information about abnormal neurodevelopment • To better understand the pathophy..

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