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Detection of nanoscale electron spin resonance spectra demonstrated using nitrogen-vacancy centre probes in diamond

LT Hall, P Kehayias, DA Simpson, A Jarmola, A Stacey, D Budker, LCL Hollenberg



Electron spin resonance (ESR) describes a suite of techniques for characterizing electronic systems with applications in physics, chemistry, and biology. However, the requirement for large electron spin ensembles in conventional ESR techniques limits their spatial resolution. Here we present a method for measuring ESR spectra of nanoscale electronic environments by measuring the longitudinal relaxation time of a single-spin probe as it is systematically tuned into resonance with the target electronic system. As a proof of concept, we extracted the spectral distribution for the P1 electronic spin bath in diamond by using an ensemble of nitrogen-vacancy centres, and demonstrated excellent agre..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council (ARC) under Centre of Excellence

Awarded by ARC Laureate Fellowship

Awarded by DFG through DIP program

Awarded by NSF

Funding Acknowledgements

We gratefully acknowledge discussions with L. McGuinness and J. Wood. This work was supported in part by the Australian Research Council (ARC) under the Centre of Excellence scheme (project No. CE110001027). L.C.L.H. acknowledges the support of an ARC Laureate Fellowship (project no. FL130100119). D.B. acknowledges support from the AFOSR/DARPA QuASAR program, DFG through the DIP program (FO 703/2-1) and NSF grant No. ECCS-1202258.