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Antigen Presentation

J Waithman, JM Moffat, NL Patterson, AE Van Beek, JD Mintern

Reference Module in Biomedical Research | Published : 2014


© 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. Initiation of an adaptive immune response requires that naive (nonantigen experienced) T cells detect their cognate antigen displayed by a professional antigen-presenting cell. The process by which antigen is acquired and displayed to T cells is termed 'antigen presentation.' Antigen presentation can occur in the lymphoid organs (a process known as 'priming') or in the peripheral tissues following pathogen infection. T cells primed by antigen presentation will become activated, expand in number, and migrate to the infected site where they ensure the elimination of the invading microorganism. Unlike B cells that recognize antigen in its native conform..

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