Conference Proceedings

Intermittency in the Outer Region of Turbulent Boundary Layers

KA Chauhan, R Baidya, J Philip, N Hutchins, I MARUSIC

Australasian Fluid Mechanics Society (AFMS) | Published : 2014


Characteristics of external intermittency in the outer region of turbulent boundary layers are presented based on single-point hotwire measurements. The distinction between the turbulent and non-turbulent state of the flow is marked by applying a threshold on instantaneous kinetic-energy, and this criteria is found to be adequate for this study. Mean intermittency profiles are in consistent agreement with previous observations. Further, conditionally averaged profiles of the streamwise velocity and its standard deviation show good agreement with scaling proposed by Chauhan et al. [3]. Probability density functions of the lengths of turbulent/non-turbulent zones show a range of intermediate s..

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