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Topical application of ethanol to the tonsillar bed immediately following tonsillectomy does not improve post-operative analgesia.

S Purser, CF Royse, HA Velkov, LF Roberts

The Journal of Laryngology and Otology | Published : 2000


Tonsillectomy is a painful procedure with discomfort continuing for days after the operation. We investigated whether topical application of a neurolytic agent (ethanol) to the tonsillar bed following dissection could provide long-term analgesia. Sixty-four patients undergoing tonsillectomy were randomized using matched pairs, to receive topical ethanol applied to the operative site, or saline for three min, in a double-blind study. Endpoints included self-reported pain using a pictorial pain scale, analgesia consumption adjusted for body mass, and weight loss. Follow-up continued until day 7 post-operatively. Both groups received the same analgesic protocol including infiltration of the ope..

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