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Effects of maternal smoking during pregnancy and a family history of asthma on respiratory function in newborn infants

SM Stick, PR Burton, L Gurrin, PD Sly, PN LeSouef

LANCET | LANCET LTD | Published : 1996


INTRODUCTION: Infants of mothers who smoke have reduced respiratory function and are more likely to develop wheezing. Little evidence is available on the effect of in-utero cigarette-smoke exposure as opposed to postnatal exposure to environmental tobacco smoke. We used a previously validated non-invasive method to measure the time to peak tidal expiratory flow (tPTEF) as a proportion of expiratory time (tE) in newborn infants soon after birth to examine the effects of a family history of asthma and in-utero cigarette-smoke exposure on the infants' respiratory function. METHODS: We collected respiratory-function data from 500 healthy infants of mothers taking part in the Western Australia Pr..

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