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Effects of clonidine and sumatriptan on postprandial gastric volume response, antral contraction waves and emptying: an MRI study

MA Kwiatek, MR Fox, A Steingoetter, D Menne, A Pal, H Fruehauf, E Kaufman, Z Forras-Kaufman, JG Brasseur, O Goetze, GS Hebbard, P Boesiger, M Thumshirn, M Fried, W Schwizer



Gastric emptying (GE) may be driven by tonic contraction of the stomach ('pressure pump') or antral contraction waves (ACW) ('peristaltic pump'). The mechanism underlying GE was studied by contrasting the effects of clonidine (alpha(2)-adrenergic agonist) and sumatriptan (5-HT(1) agonist) on gastric function. Magnetic resonance imaging provided non-invasive assessment of gastric volume responses, ACW and GE in nine healthy volunteers. Investigations were performed in the right decubitus position after ingestion of 500 mL of 10% glucose (200 kcal) under placebo [0.9% NaCl intravenous (IV) and subcutaneous (SC)], clonidine [0.01 mg min(-1) IV, max 0.1 mg (placebo SC)] or sumatriptan [6 mg SC (..

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