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Clinicopathological and molecular features of sessile serrated adenomas with dysplasia or carcinoma

Mark Bettington, Neal Walker, Christophe Rosty, Ian Brown, Andrew Clouston, Diane McKeone, Sally-Ann Pearson, Barbara Leggett, Vicki Whitehall

Gut | BMJ PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2017


OBJECTIVE: Sessile serrated adenomas (SSAs) are the precursors of at least 15% of colorectal carcinomas, but their biology is incompletely understood. We performed a clinicopathological and molecular analysis of a large number of the rarely observed SSAs with dysplasia/carcinoma to better define their features and the pathways by which they progress to carcinoma. DESIGN: A cross-sectional analysis of 137 SSAs containing regions of dysplasia/carcinoma prospectively collected at a community GI pathology practice was conducted. Samples were examined for BRAF and KRAS mutations, the CpG island methylator phenotype (CIMP) and immunostained for MLH1, p53, p16, β-catenin and 0-6-methylguanine DNA m..

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