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Corporate Governance for Employee’s Welfare

Martono Anggusti, Bismar Nasution, Mahmul Siregar, Tan Kamello, Benny Tabalujan, Hikmahanto Juwana

International Journal of Social Science Studies | Redfame Publishing


The debate about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to stakeholders is a fairly lengthy debate in the repertoire of the development of Company Law.At least there are two fundamentally different views to interpret the CSR. The views, firstly, cling to the belief that the concept of corporate social responsibility is counterproductive in the business world. According to Milton Friedman, a corporation are naturally only have a goal to generate economic objectives for shareholders. A prominent liberal economics is very pessimistic and tend to oppose any attempt to make the company as a social purpose.Furthermore, in Capitalism and Freedom (1962), Milton Friedman clearly states that in a free ..

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