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Comparison of various calpain inhibitors in reduction of light scattering, protein precipitation and nuclear cataract in vitro.

P Mathur, SK Gupta, AR Wegener, W Breipohl, MH Ahrend, YD Sharma, YK Gupta, RB Vajpayee

Curr Eye Res | Published : 2000


PURPOSE: To compare effects of calpain inhibitors on in vitro light-scattering in rat lens soluble protein and calcium-ionophore (A23187)-induced cataract formation in cultured rat lenses. METHODS: Rat lens soluble protein was hydrolyzed for 24 hours by activation of endogenous lens calpain. Ten calpain inhibitors were tested in this model at 10 and 25 microM concentration. As an index of protein precipitation, light scattering was measured daily at 405 nm for 8 days. Lens proteins were analyzed by isoelectric-focussing. Subsequently, rat lenses were cultured for 5 days with 10 microM A23187. Calpain inhibitors (SJA6017, MDL28170, AK295 and PD150606), which inhibited light-scattering were te..

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