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Intraoperative Real-time Cochlear Response Telemetry Predicts Hearing Preservation in Cochlear Implantation

Luke Campbell, Arielle Kaicer, David Sly, Claire Iseli, Benjamin Wei, Robert Briggs, Stephen O'Leary



AIM: To monitor cochlear function during cochlear implantation and determine correlations with postoperative acoustic hearing. BACKGROUND: Cochlear response telemetry measures cochlear function directly from cochlear implant electrodes. We have adapted this system to provide real-time cochlear response telemetry (RT-CRT) monitoring of a patient's acoustic hearing as the cochlear implant electrode array is inserted. METHODS: Eighteen subjects (1 child and 17 adults) with sloping high frequency hearing loss were implanted with Cochlear Ltd slim straight arrays (CI422/CI522). Tone bursts (500 Hz, 100-110 dB) were presented at 14 Hz continuously during the array insertion. RT-CRT amplitudes were..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors would like to thank the Garnett Passe and Rodney Williams Memorial Foundation for funding this work, Cochlear Ltd. engineers for their assistance with developing the software, all the staff and audiologists at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital Cochlear Implant Clinic, the theatre staff at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital and St. Vincent's Private East Melbourne, all the surgeons (Simon Ellul, Richard Kennedy, Markus Dahm, Sarin Wongprasartsuk, Randal Leung, Markus Dahm, and Michael Tykocinski) and surgical registrars (especially Shannon Withers) involved, and Scott Chambers for proofreading. The sixth author is a paid consultant of Cochlear Ltd. The Department of Otolaryngology is now supported by research funding from Cochlear Ltd. to continue this work.