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Elevated Blood Pressure with Reduced Left Ventricular and Aortic Dimensions in Adolescents Born Extremely Preterm

Remi R Kowalski, Richard Beare, Lex W Doyle, Joseph J Smolich, Michael MH Cheung



OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the long-term cardiovascular effects of extremely preterm birth in a cohort of adolescents followed prospectively, who were largely free from intrauterine growth restriction. STUDY DESIGN: Central blood pressures, aortic and cardiac dimensions, left ventricle (LV) function, pulse wave velocity, augmentation index, and microvascular reactive hyperemia were measured in 18-year-old subjects born extremely preterm at <28 weeks' gestation (n = 109) and term-born controls (n = 81). RESULTS: Compared with controls, preterm adolescents had higher systolic (124 ± 13 vs 118 ± 10 mm Hg, P = .002) and diastolic (72 ± 8 vs 67 ± 7 mm Hg, P < .001) blood pressures, but lower ascendin..

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Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Council, Canberra, Australia

Awarded by Center for Clinical Research (Excellence Award)

Awarded by Center of Research Excellence

Awarded by Royal Children's Hospital Foundation, Melbourne, Australia (Big W)

Funding Acknowledgements

Supported by the National Health and Medical Research Council, Canberra, Australia (491246 to [to L.D., P. Anderson, S. Wood, C. Robertson, S. Hope, D. Hacking, J. Cheong]); Center for Clinical Research (Excellence Award 546519 [to L.D., P. Davis, T. Inder, P. Anderson, C. Kuschel, R. Hunt, J. Cheong, D. Hacking); Center of Research Excellence (1060733 to [L.D., P. Davis, P. Anderson, R. Hunt, J. Cheong, S. Jacobs, G. Roberts, A. Spittle, D. Thompson, J. Dawson]); the Victorian Government's Operational Infrastructure Support Program (Post-graduate Scholarship to R.K.); and the Royal Children's Hospital Foundation, Melbourne, Australia (Big W and RCH 1000). The authors declare no conflicts of interest.