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CDK9 inhibitors selectively target estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer cells through combined inhibition of MYB and MCL-1 expression

Partha Mitra, Ren-Ming Yang, James Sutton, Robert G Ramsay, Thomas J Gonda



Our previous studies showed that MYB is required for proliferation of, and confers protection against apoptosis on, estrogen receptor-positive (ER(+ve)) breast cancer cells, which are almost invariably also MYB(+ve). We have also shown that MYB expression in ER(+ve) breast cancer cells is regulated at the level of transcriptional elongation and as such, is suppressed by CDK9i. Here we examined the effects of CDK9i on breast cancer cells and the involvement of MYB in these effects. ER(+ve) breast cancer cell lines including MCF-7 were much more sensitive (> 10 times) to killing by CDK9i than ER(-ve)/MYB(-ve) cells. Moreover, surviving cells showed a block at the G2/M phase of the cell cycle. ..

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