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Mismatch in epitope specificities between IFNy inflamed and uninflamed conditions leads to escape from T lymphocyte killing in melanoma

Katherine Woods, Ashley J Knights, Matthew Anaka, Ralf B Schittenhelm, Anthony W Purcell, Andreas Behren, Jonathan Cebon

Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer | BIOMED CENTRAL LTD | Published : 2016


BACKGROUND: A current focus in cancer treatment is to broaden responses to immunotherapy. One reason these therapies may prove inadequate is that T lymphocytes fail to recognize the tumor due to differences in immunogenic epitopes presented by the cancer cells under inflammatory or non-inflammatory conditions. The antigen processing machinery of the cell, the proteasome, cleaves proteins into peptide epitopes for presentation on MHC complexes. Immunoproteasomes in inflammatory melanomas, and in antigen presenting cells of the immune system, are enzymatically different to standard proteasomes expressed by tumors with no inflammation. This corresponds to alterations in protein cleavage between..

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