Journal article

Organizational Responses to Public and Private Politics: An Analysis of Climate Change Activists and US Oil and Gas Firms

Shon R Hiatt, Jake B Grandy, Brandon H Lee


University of Melbourne Researchers


Funding Acknowledgements

The authors thank senior editor Brayden King and the anonymous reviewers for their guidance, as well as Steve Barley, J. P. Eggers, Kira Fabrizio, Michael Lenox, Ben Lewis, Sangchan Park, Huggy Rao, Sarah Soule, and Lori Yue for helpful comments on drafts. The authors also thank participants from the Academy of Management; the Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability; the Junior Faculty Organization Theory Workshop; the Oxford Workshop on Reputations and NGOs; the Sustainability, Ethics, and Entrepreneurship Conference; and the London Business School Sumantra Ghoshal Strategy Conference, as well as seminar participants at Melbourne Business School, SCANCOR, and Stanford University for their helpful criticism. Portions of this research were supported by the Harvard Business School Division of Research. A previous version received the 2014 Best Paper Award from the Organizations and Natural Environment Division of the Academy of Management.