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Anamnestic responses in pigs to the Taenia solium TSOL18 vaccine and implications for control strategies

Marshall W Lightowlers, Meritxell Donadeu, M Elaiyaraja, Kapil Maithal, K Anand Kumar, Charles G Gauci, Simon M Firestone, Patxi Sarasola, Tim G Rowan



Specific antibody responses were assessed in pigs immunized with the Taenia solium vaccine TSOL18. Anti-TSOL18 responses were compared 2 weeks after secondary immunization, where the interval between primary and secondary immunization was 4, 8, 12, 16 or 20 weeks. All animals responded to the vaccine and there was no diminution in antibody responses in animals receiving their second injection after an interval up to 20 weeks. Pigs receiving vaccinations at an interval of 12 weeks developed significantly increased antibody responses compared with animals receiving immunizations 4 weeks apart (P = 0.046). The ability to deliver TSOL18 vaccination effectively where the revaccination schedule ca..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Funding support is acknowledged from the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council Grants 1003546 (ML), 1043327 (ML) and 1105448 (ML). This work was funded by UK aid from the UK government (TR; Component Code 203188-101); however, the views expressed do not necessarily reflect the UK government's official policies.