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Structure of Benzoyl Peroxide Initiated Polystyrene: Determination of the Initiator-Derived Functionality by 13C NMR

G Moad, DH Solomon, SR Johns, RI Willing

Macromolecules | Published : 1982


The benzoate groups incorporated into polystyrene prepared with benzoyl-carbonyl-13C peroxide initiator have been evaluated by NMR spectroscopy. This provides, for the first time, a direct measure of the amounts of initiation by head and tail addition of benzoyloxy radical to styrene as well as a means of determining the extent of transfer to benzoyl peroxide and primary radical termination. For example, polystyrene prepared by bulk polymerization at 60 °C using 0.04 M benzoyl peroxide contains ca. 1.7 benzoate end groups per molecule, 87% of which derive from initiation by tail addition to styrene, 5% by head addition, and 8% by termination through transfer to initiator or primary radical t..

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