Current schizophrenia

M Lambert, D Naber, E Killackey, P McGorry, S Moritz, I Schäfer, B Galling, L Rietschel, T Lambert, P Conus, F Schultze-Lutter, B Schimmelmann, S Ruhrmann

Published : 2012


Advances in pharmacotherapy and psychosocial interventions continue to improve the success of managing schizophrenia. Early detection and intervention in people with, or at risk for, psychosis give patients and their families hope for a better course of illness and an improved outcome. The interdisciplinary approach, combining pharmacotherapy and psychosocial interventions, markedly increases the chance of long-lasting remission and recovery. However, a cure for schizophrenia has yet to be found. Research, particularly in the past decade, has revealed some of the biological and genetic facets of the origins of schizophrenia, and this has contributed to the better quality of treatment. This b..

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