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Micromechanical analysis of second order work in granular media

F Nicot, N Hadda, F Bourrier, L Sibille, A Tordesillas, F Darve

Springer Series in Geomechanics and Geoengineering | Published : 2015


This paper examines the evolution of instabilities in granular materials from a microscopic point of view, using the discrete element method. The relationship between the unstable loading directions that result in negative values for the macroscopic expression of the second order work and the terms in the microscopic expression of the second order work was investigated. Good agreement was found between the microscopic and macroscopic expressions of the second order work for the two three-dimensional specimens studied, in both the elastic and plastic tensorial zones. The vanishing of the microscopic and macroscopic second order work is shown to coincide in both specimens.

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