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The dynamics of the biological membrane surrounding the buffalo milk fat globule investigated as a function of temperature

Hanh TH Nguyen, Marie-Noelle Madec, Lydia Ong, Sandra E Kentish, Sally L Gras, Christelle Lopez

Food Chemistry | Elsevier | Published : 2016


The biological membrane surrounding fat globules in milk (the MFGM) is poorly understood, despite its importance in digestion and in determining the properties of fat globules. In this study, in situ structural investigations of buffalo MFGM were performed as a function of temperature (4–60 °C), using confocal microscopy. We demonstrate that temperature and rate of temperature change affected the lipid domains formed in the MFGM with the lateral segregation (i) of high Tm lipids and cholesterol in a Lo phase for both T Tm and (ii) of high Tm lipids in a gel phase for T < Tm. Rapid cooling favours nucleation, while slow cooling favours growth, leading to the formation of small and large lipi..

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