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Differential splicing of antigen-encoding RNA reduces endogenous epitope presentation that regulates the expansion and cytotoxicity of T cells

N Kienzle, M Buck, SL Silins, SR Burrows, DJ Moss, A Winterhalter, A Brooks, R Khanna

The Journal of Immunology | AMER ASSOC IMMUNOLOGISTS | Published : 2000


The activation of CTLs is dependent on the recognition of MHC-bound peptide present on the surface of APCs. We give evidence in this study that differential splicing of Ag-encoding RNA can decrease the antigenic dose in APCs and regulate the recall of human memory CTLs. Differential splicing of RNA that encoded an immunodominant HLA-B8-restricted CTL epitope of EBV reduced the functional presentation of this epitope, and consequently the in vitro expansion and activity of CTLs, as measured by MHC/peptide-tetramer staining and cytotoxicity assays. The reduced activity of the stimulated CTLs was not only due to lower numbers of Ag-specific CTLs but, surprisingly, was also characterized by decr..

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